Boosted Board Plus


The Boosted Board Plus is the original electric skateboard made by Boosted Board. The bright orange wheels are distinctive for the Boosted Boards brand. 



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The Plus beginning of a new chapter for Boosted. Using data gathered from years of in-house R&D and rider feedback, they have built Boosted Plus from the ground up. Every single component is designed and engineered specifically for the long-term demands of electric skateboarding. The all-new Super Flex composite deck retains the characteristic flex and deep carving capabilities Boosted is known for, now with even more strength and vibration dampening. Their custom-designed 85mm Stratus wheels exhibit a balanced flex profile to provide a secure, stable ride with just the right amount of grip and roll. With our industry-leading remote and firmware for safe, secure braking and instant acceleration, Boosted Plus is an instant classic.

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